DJ Ass Maggots

DJ Ass Maggots

Hi everyone! It’s me, Ass Magz  , with my very own website! The revolution may not be televised, but it WILL be online!

About the Author

DJ Ass Maggots is the nom de plume of an Iranian-American physician who spends his hours outside the hospital writing satirical, absurdist social-commentaries blended into semi-autobiographical tales of debauchery. Did you get all that?

His Vision

Complete annihilation of the human race through nonviolent disobedience and spiritual critical mass ascension. Boycott everything!

I am not a name to be recorded in history, but I have skin and bones.

The disco ball drops down, and all we see are alien and midget parts spewing over the dance floor. Intestines and blood.

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I am fucking life up the ass like it’s an expensive whore, getting all I can from it and leaving it on its belly, exhausted, dripping in sweat and excrement, begging for a wheelchair!